I am in Brisbane!!

In the 30 hours of flying from Denmark to Brisbane, I got to experience a drunken man who got escorted out of the airplane by british police, a child who would not stop crying for the first half of my second connected flight (I had three in total, but as confused as I am, I didn’t figured this out until after hopping on the plane), swollen feet and ankles I finally landed in Brisbane. And oh boy is it HOT!

I was greeted by a staff member of QUT, which is the uni I will be going to, who briefly informed me about how to get to campus and so on. I arranged for a free airport pick-up service from back home, and they drove me to my first temporary accommodation.

At the moment I am staying at Hostel near Brisbane city, and so far I am liking the hostel I live in. Its very clean and tidy, the staff is super sweet and helpful and the view from the 5th floor is beautiful. I am looking forward to exploring the city tomorrow, as I’ve been to beat today. I was supposed to nap for only two hours, but ended up with sleeping for six hours. So now the time is past 12am, and I’m wide avake.. Yay jetlag!! Hopefully it will go away within the next couple of days.

x   a z n c h o c o l a t   o n   t o u r


Rooftop view daytime




Beautiful sundown


And the view in the evening is pretty grool too!


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