So the first week in AUS has come to an end, and as I am typing this blogpost we have already entered into a new week and Orientation week has started. I was too tired to type this post yesterday. Guess I’m still a bit jetlagged. So this blogpost will be justified with a few more pictures. Sounds good, right!

So whats been going on the first week? Lets just say a lot!!

The first day I came here, I met Elena. Such a sweet girl. She is from Germany and will be studying on an exchange program here in Brisbane. We’ve been having dinner and a few breakfasts together throughout the week, so its been very chill and also very nice to meet a new friend so fast when you’re so far away from home. Shoutout to Elena! Oh and you can go follow her blog right here – > Elenas blog.

Most of the first week was spent with exploring Brisbane, finding the different campuses, getting to know the public transportation, and also looking for a more permanent accommodation as I am doing a full degree here. And oy did I look at a looot of places before I could find the right one! It’s actually quite a nice surprise how fast you can find accommodation in Brisbane. In Copenhagen I struggled to find a room and its very typical that you have to know someone who knows someone, and yadda yadda.


So here I am, finally moved in to my very own room! Though I chose to get a room with no a/c (theres a fan hanging from the ceiling) because really, who needs that kind of luxury in a 32+ degree climate.. Well I guess I made a very bad decision with that one. Lord, is it hot in here! I think I will have to go out and get myself a fan one of these days, before I become the black version of Jack Frost and melts away.

Ok, so back to the previous week. I went for a little walk through Botanical Garden, and it is sooo beautiful! I’m inhaling all of the pretty plants and trees that this city is surrounded by. I have this thing for palmtrees, and the fact that they are almost everywhere I turn my head, that makes my heart a tiny bit happy.


I did get to play tourist for one day, and I had Elena to join me. Mostly so that I had someone to takes pictures of me climbing weird things and looking all retarded. Jokes aside, we got to go by the big ‘BRISBANE’ letters by the Brisbane River, and we went to Southbank to see the artificial beach. How cool is it that you can go to the ‘beach’ right in the middle of the city? Thats pretty groovy!


If you look really closely, you can see theres a dark monkey looking character saying hi from the A letter. Yup, thats me.


Can’t help but notice the little girl in pic haha.


On sunday I went to a Sunday Social event at the Uni. It’s really nice to experience the effort QUT has planned and does for commencing students. We were a lot of international students that day and it was cool to meet so many different nationalities at just one place. But I guess its very common in Brisbane. They say about 1 out of 4 is international, so we get a lot of diversity here! I got to connect with a lot of new friendly faces and it was so much fun. We ended the day with a dance video, which will go viral soon. So stay tuned for this one! Its going to be kewl.

O-week started yesterday, and I love the fact that we have student society clubs here! This we don’t really have in Denmark, or at least not at my previous school. So therefore I am gonna go crazy with these clubs! You can basically find whatever club that has the same interests as you! I’ve already signed up for dancing and yoga, but why stop there.


Its been a crazy week but at the same time it feels a bit like vacation. It must be the heat. I’m not missing the cold danish weather at all, but I am looking forward to the heat cooling down in a few months though.

Oh and did I tell you about the bus driver who had to pull over quickly so that he could get a drink for his next shift? People are so laid back here. Theres no stress and everybody seems so happy. On that note, I hope you all have a great day, and if you ever feel bad about yourself, just think about the people who use their selfies as their lock screen or wallpaper.


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