So the fun part about traveling is that you get to experience and try out new things for the very first time. While you get to explore, you get to be adventurous. And this week I got to go rock climbing for the very first time with QUT Cliffhangers!! It was so much fun! And also waaaay harder than it looks!


I was looking at the other people climbing the cliffs and I thought to myself “this can’t be so hard”, “why are they so slow?”, “you just gotta put your left foot on this rock, straighten your back, put your right hand on this rock”, “come on you should be reaching the top by now”.


Little did I know how very wrong I was. I must have miscalculated the steps on the cliffs.. Because this ish is hard! Once I got up there I knew I was in big trouble, but it didn’t scare me though. I managed to get up pretty high and even though I am afraid of heights, my fears was not allowed to hold me back. I did end up with very sore arms for two whole days after, which I thought was very surprising. I am definitely thinking of joining this club as well.



The view of Brisbane City from Kangaroo Point in the evening wasn’t so bad either.

I also got to try the wakeboarding for the first time as well, and yo this was so awesome! Again I am beginning to think that I underestimate the difficulty of all of these outdoor activities or maybe its just the people who is before me, that makes it look so easy. Because this was really hard too!


Ok, off we go.


This is pretty easy.


Nailed it!


Let’s try this again.


Yay I got up!!

I managed to stand on the board and get ready for this.. For 2 whole minutes! And then it was basically back to falling down. Now this sport also left my arms super sore and my back!! Who would’ve known. I love how many outdoor activities you can do here in AUS and we’re just getting started.



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