“How are you going?”

This is how Aussies greets you and asks how you are. Maccas means McDonald’s, Woolies is Woolworths (Australian Supermarket), Servo is short for a service station. These are just a few of a very special language, or should we say slang, that aussies speak. You can imagine my face the first time I heard these sayings and words. I had the biggest question mark placed on my forehead. I’m positive that I will catch up on all of the abbreviations by the end of the year. Or at least that is the goal!

So another thing I’ve observed is that you have to wave at the bus, especially at the smaller bus stops, if you want to catch it. And here is why: even though I was practically standing on the road and looking the bus driver dead in his eyes, he chose to drive right past me as if I was invisible! At first I thought this was really rude, but then I came to learn that you have to make the driver aware of yourself so he knows to pull over. Yeah, guess had to learn it the hard way. Another thing I’ve noticed is that you say ‘Thank You’ to the bus driver every time you get of. Now I’ve been told from a few international people that I’ve met here that it is a very normal gesture to do, but for my danes who is reading this.. Ya’ll know that we don’t do that in Denmark which is kind of a shame actually! I really like the fact that you can show your appreciation to the bus driver by a simple ‘Thank You’ when you get of. We should think about doing this as a new movement in Denmark. And if this ever pulls through remember to call it the aznchocolatmovement lol.

Now another thing that I have to get used to here is the hills. Omg I am not kidding the hills here are crazy steep! It’s especially in the Kelvin Grove area where everything is so hilly and leaves me all sweaty and out of breath when I arrive at uni. Attractive right? Luckily there’s a/c at uni which can cool me off and I get a mean butt exercise too.



What I love with coming to Brisbane is the development of the technology thats here. I am in love with interactive interfaces and designs, and it so happens that we have a big interactive screen which is placed at the GP campus, and it’s open for the public too.

It’s called The Cube and at the moment they are displaying the history of the dinosaurs. Now for a person who has a hard time of grasping on to ancient history without actually falling asleep (like yours truly), The Cube is a great way of learning about the history of dinosaurs and how the world looked for many many years ago, as it allows you to interact with a screen while it’s providing you with information which makes the learning process a lot more entertaining.


Now here is another interactive design which was made by one of the students here at QUT as a final project, which I really dig. The closer you get to the screen the more it evolves and changes patterns.


The pictures doesn’t even justify this piece of art, and unfortunately I didn’t get to take more pictures as I was busy playing with the screen. BUT the exhibition runs until the 18th of March at the Creative Industries Precinct where you can find other students’ projects varying from app development, to fashion, to music etc. There is a few different things, so if you’re in Brisbane you still have time to go see it for yourself. The exhibition is called SHAPE of things to come: The Anniversary Show and it’s free!

Oh! I totally forgot! The most proper way to end this post is with a little picture of these fellas. IMG_2722IMG_2723

I see these on a daily basis and it’s for sure that I’m still freaked out every time I encounter these boys. Oh the perks of living Down Under.



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