If you’re into thrilling rides that makes your tummy tickle and makes you vomit a little bit, then Dreamworld is something for you! Yesterday I went to the Dreamworld Theme Park at the Gold Coast with the QUT Exchange Buddies Club and it was a blast!


A great advice to conquer your fears is just to do it. And this is coming from a person who is really scared of heights! Granted I probably did close my eyes most of the time but I’ve figured out that it’s easier to try new things and to test your limits not thinking too long and too hard about it. So just do it! That’s major key (read: DJ Khaled).


And I finally got to see the lovely kangaroos!!

You know I had to… Selfies with Mr. Kangaroo!

I got to feed them too! Excited much? I think so!


And the koala bears!!IMG_4116IMG_4113IMG_4100When life gets hard, take a nap like these two cutiesIMG_3042

Or eat eucalyptus leaves like this little one. Cuteness overload!


And I also got to see this little wombat, omg. My life is now complete lol.

It was such a great and fun trip to Dreamworld with new sweet friends 🙂 More adventures ahead! Being an international student and living Down Under ain’t bad at all!

Cheers! x


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