The Beeripmo Walk on Mount Buangor

So during the first semester mid break also known as the Easter Break, I went to Melbourne to visit a long time childhood friend who I have know since the age of three or younger. She comes from Denmark too but decided that something new needed to happen for about two and a half years ago. After traveling around Australia and New Zealand she noticed that there was one city she always felt more appealed to and so Melbourne became her new home. But the funny thing is though, that she and I hasn’t seen each other for like eight years! Back in Denmark, it was for some reason way to difficult to see each other and we only lived one hour away. Apparently it had to take moving across the world and being about 1600 km away from each other, to bring us together. So I guess it is safe to say that we were both a bit excited to see each other and man did we have a lot to catch up on.

So what this post is actually about is my 2-day hiking trip to Mount Buangor!



This was my first activity when I arrived in Melbourne and also my first time hiking and I came so unprepared. Everyone had like a real backpacker bag, you know, the one that you lock on your hips to give more support and reliefs the baggage from your shoulders. I was too focused on buying a backpack that looked good and which would function as a carry-on baggage on the plane that I didn’t think hard enough about being practical. Luckily Laki brought a scarf with her, so we used it to put more support on my hips and relief the weight of my shoulders.

So I think we hiked for about 6,5 hours before we arrived at our campsite. We camped there for one night and it was so effing cold!! Note to self: next time I want to go camping BRING ALL YOUR WINTER CLOTHES, JACKETS, DUVETS. No I’m kidding, but it was cold though. I did feel like I was back in Denmark in the early winter months. It was really nice camping though. We had a bonfire and did the typical: roast marshmallows, make wannabe smores out of roasted marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies (not too successful but still very much eatable) and tell scary stories.


How awesome is the view from the Grevillea lookout? And this was only halfway up!


Next day we packed up and did another 6,5 hours. This route was mostly down hill which actually turned out to be not as easy as I thought. When you walk a lot down hill you put a lot of pressure on your knees compared to going up hill where you can activate your glutes and thighs when walking. Anywho, on our way down I got to see my very first wild life kangaroo! They jump so fast though!!


We ended up walking for a total of 24 km, this including a few detours. Some because we got lost or wanted to see  caves, which we btw had no luck with finding. As we driving from the mountain we saw a lot more of wild kangaroos! Can you tell how new I am in this country yet?? I get too excited about the smallest things.

Where have you been hiking at? And do you know of any great places around Brisbane to hike and great views besides Mount Coo Tha? If you do let me know in the comment box below!



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