Top 9 things to do in Melbourne

My trip to Melbourne was actually a month ago, but better late than never right?

As mentioned in the earlier post, I went to visit a childhood friend that I haven’t seen for many years! Now the great thing about visiting a friend who lives in Melbourne, is that she knows all the tricks and tips of what to see, where to go out, or where to eat. Of course I did some of the typical sightseeing, I mean I am a tourist, so might as well act a bit like it!

Anyways, here is my top 9 of things to see, where to have cocktails and where to eat in Melbourne.


1. Hosier Lane

Now the first thing is the most obligatory one. Hosier Lane. Melbourne is known for being one of the worlds most liveable cities and I understand why! Melbourne has everything and it is such a vibrant and cultural city. Generally you will find graffiti all over in Melbourne, but there is particularly Hosier Lane in the CBD that has some pretty awesome graffiti art.



2. Spice Market 

As you walk in to this exotic bar and cocktail lounge you will instantly feel the vibes of an Middle Eastern and South East Asian atmosphere. On thursdays it’s ladies night, which means you can get 5 cocktail cards for 10$ from 8pm to 10 pm! Not bad I must say! Definitely a place to check out if you’re looking for a night out in Melbourne.



3. Lui Bar 

Another place to have cocktails is in The Lui Bar. It’s placed on the 55th level in the Rialto Tower, and you will experience the most beautiful view over Melbourne city while enjoying a cocktail.


Crazy view right? It’s funny too see how far out Melbourne stretches compared to Brisbane. Notice where its all black and just cuts of. Yeah thats the water.


4. Night Market at Queen Victoria Market

Every wednesday during the summer they host a night market where you will find food from almost every country. I was lucky to experience the very last night market for this summer. If you are a fan of night markets and buying food from the cute little food trucks, this is definitely a place to check out as well!



5. Brighton Beach Boxes

Most people might say this is the typical place to go for tourists, and that is probably very true, cause when I went there, there was only tourists posing and taking pictures of the beach boxes. So you know I had to do the same.


– Find a box you like, and pose it front of it. You know how we asians do.-


6. Watch the Penguins peek at St. Kilda Beach


By sunset the penguins return to the rocks from the ocean and if you are lucky you might spot a few of them. If you want to take pictures of the penguins you have to use red flash lights. I didn’t have that, so unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the penguins.


7. Johnny Pump

So burger and fries are 16$, throw in an extra 3$ and you get a milkshake. Need I say more?



8. Izakaya Chuji

In Melbourne you can find a lot of yummy taste asian food for a cheap price too. For the one week I was there I got to try Korean food, Chinese dumplings and on my last evening there, I went for Japanese food from Izakaya Chuji!




We ordered wakame salad, gyoza dumplings, rice w/ ebi tempura and ramen noodles. Good food for a cheap price!


9. Grab a dessert at Merchant in the Rialto Tower

The Merchant is a restaurant in the Rialto Tower owned by Guy Grossi an Australian Celebrity Chef. Now luckily my friends bf works there and he managed to fix this pretty plate of dessert for us!


It was a chocolatey fudge brownie with caramelised nuts, fresh berries, ice cream and a pretty yet edible flower (that was a new experience for me).

Now this was only a snippet of what I managed to do and see in Melbourne while staying there for a week. You definitely need a lot more time to explore Melbourne. With that said, Melbourne – I will be back!

What should I see and where should I eat the next time I’m in Melbourne? If you know of any great places, let me know!


4 thoughts on “Top 9 things to do in Melbourne

  1. Zaya says:

    Ooh! I’ve always wanted to go to The Spice Market, heard heaps of good stuff about it. Next time you’re in Melbourne, you should definitely check out Fitzroy! Street art there is amazing, if you liked Hosier Lane, then you’ll really like Fitzroy 🙂


    • Aznchocolat on tour says:

      Oh how exciting that you are going there! You will love Melbourne!! How long are you going to stay for? However there will not be anymore night markets at Queen Victoria Market since the summer has already passed 😦 But no need to worry though, there are plenty of choices for food. They have like everything!


    • Aznchocolat on tour says:

      Spice Market is definitely worth checking out if you are in Melbourne! The decorations are beautiful and feels like you enter a new world. Oh and thanks for the tip! I’ll make sure to put that on my list! 🙂


  2. Elena Natterer says:

    Great, thank you! These explanations will certainly be helpful for my trip to Melbourne in 3 weeks! I am most looking forward to the night markets at Queen Victoria Market, that sounds amazing! ❤


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