How to be successful in everything you do


Being successful comes in many ways and it’s not only about climbing the corporate ladder and making a lot of money. Success can be going on a sugar free diet for one week, learning a new language or finishing the book you said you would finish four months ago. Success is an achievement of your actions.

But how do you achieve your actions?

If there is anything I learnt after stepping out of my comfort zone and moving across the world to pursue a life long dream of studying and living in another country, it is without a doubt that time is precious and it is what you do within that time, that counts and determines your success. I knew that big dreams required big planning and big actions, so I started to slowly research and plan for my trip about 6 months prior to even submitting an application for the university.

do it take action

When I received a conditional letter of offer, that is when everything went fast, and I knew that if I wanted this dream to happen, I had to be ready to take action and prepare for all of the things necessary. So thats exactly what I did. And I’m not going to lie, it was four very hectic months and I don’t believe that applying to studying for a masters in another country outside of your continent (especially if you’re not a native english speaker) while you’re doing your bachelors degree and working part-time is good for your health and stress level, but if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Time is precious

Time is so precious and it will pass by regardless. You control how you spend it. So don’t be afraid to dream big. Hell, the only proper way to dream, is to dream big! Set yourself small goals that you want to reach, and work towards those goals every day. The more of them you accomplish, the closer you get to your dreams. And before you know it, you have turned your dreams into reality, and you will have succeeded. No success comes over night and it requires hard work, effort and patience. Stay resilient and enjoy the journey you make towards those goals. Life really isn’t so much about the destination as it is about the journey.

Everything starts with you and you hold the keys to success. Its just a matter of using it and unlocking the door, and every step you take will slowly point you in the direction of success and greatness.

If you choose to settle for nothing less than your best, you will be amazed what you can accomplish in life– (Quote found at the fitness centre. Lol I know – but it’s so true though)

How do you see success and how do you intend to achieve it and create the best version of yourself?




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