Big city livin’

Besides seeing the Vivid Sydney Festival, it has been fun getting to explore Sydney with my travel and foodie Arichi! You can definitely feel the different types of lifestyles between Brisbane and Sydney. While Brissy is very laid-back and for some people a “big country town”, Sydney is very big and very fast-paced. Shops closes much later (this we really do need in Brissy) and there are many 24 hours food places (wouldn’t be bad either to have in Brissy).


Sydney Opera House really is a spectacular piece of architecture. Way to go Jørn Utzon!




This little café is placed in the Westfield mall up in Chatswood. Its a bit out of the city area but definitely a place worth going for breakfast and lunch. We were quite surprise by the amount of people queuing up when we arrived at 10.30 am. Luckily we didn’t have to stand in line the whole time, but just had to write down our number and then they would call when our table was ready. An hour later we finally managed to get a table and as you can probably tell by the pictures, it was so worth the waiting! Everything did taste just as good as it looked.


We ended up ordering the French Toast and Fruit Salad. And for drinks a Chai Latte and Lychee and Mint smoothie. Edible flowers always does a dish very nicely.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Now, careful not to drool all over yourself.



Playing pirates and captains for a day, we went to the Darling Harbour to see the replica of the ship James Cook once sailed and discovered Australia with back in 1770 . You can get one ticket from the Australian National Maritime Museum that lets you enter the museum, the replica, a real submarine that was commissioned during the Cold War and a destroyer ship which is one of the last of Australia’s big gun ships.




It was quite shocking to me how cold the winter would get in Australia. For the most part the winter is kind of similar to the summer home in Denmark. At least in Brisbane but the more south you go you can definitely feel the difference! Never thought I would ever be the one saying that it could get too cold since I’ve been living my entire life in a cold climate lol, but yes it do get cold here! Though it didn’t stop people from going in the water. We, however, decided to enjoy the view of surfers catching waves at Bondi Beach.


There are actually many small beaches not to far away from Sydney, so we decided to do a little walk by the coast to Manly Beach.Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetIMG_5883



This wholefoods canteen had the cutest decorations ever. Pink theme with tiles, cupboards, flowers, yeah even the menus. Also decorated with lot of healthy and organic fruit and veggies which makes you feel like you’re living the right healthy lifestyle. Only lasted for a few hours if ya know what I mean.


Here we ordered the Parmesan-Not-So-Scrambled Eggs and Toast w/ Avocado and Fresh Tomato and for drinks a Green Juice and Cafe Latte.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetIMG_5698



Since we didn’t consider to go hiking in Sydney before we actually arrived there, we didn’t pack the proper shoes or clothes. Therefore we took one of the shorter routes around the mountain and we still got some pretty great views.


Here is The Three Sisters from Echo Point Katoomba.

We even passed a little waterfall. Just a little one.




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