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I came across an article about the meaning behind the word happiness and  then I thought to myself, what do I consider as happiness? When am I happy?

I guess there is no more fitting time than after living in Australia for five months to sit and reflect about the things I have learned while moving to another country.

I remember the feeling of excitement and curiosity about everything when I first came here and how I wanted to make as many friends as possible and trying to fit in, in this new country. But then I noticed how dissatisfied and unhappy I was of trying too hard and trying to live up to those high expectations. Truth is, everyones’ journey is different and you should never, ever compare yourself to other people. Once I realised how that state of mind was robbing myself of true happiness and contentment, I knew I had to change that mindset in order to make my journey and experiences as real and honest as possible.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said:

“Someone once asked me what I regarded as the three most important requirements for happiness. My answer was: A feeling that you have been honest with yourself and those around you; a feeling that you have done the best you could both in your personal life and in your work; and the ability to love others.”

I consider happiness to be doing what you love. It’s when I can sleep in on a monday morning. Happiness is when I listen to dvsn – hallucinations with earplugs in. I swear this song could make you both happy and sad at the same time. Happiness is giving love and receiving love. This has got to be one of the most, if not the only, greatest thing you could ever give to another being. Happiness is seeing the joy on my parents faces when they do gardening. It’s seeing your own potential and following your dreams. Happiness is puppies and babies and chocolate and pizza. Well happiness is also alcohol.

Don’t mistake me though, its not like I walk around happy all the time. Everyone has their bad days. But having a positive attitude towards things does make you a lot happier, and like when you see someone smiling, you automatically get happy and smile too. It’s contagious!

So now its your turn. What do you define as happiness?


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