In February I decided to leave my comfort zone and follow a life long dream of living and studying in another country. I moved my life to the land Down Under from little Denmark to study a Master of Creative Industries at QUT.

I believe that traveling is more than just getting to tick of things on your bucket list. Its about going on adventures and discovering the world, where you lose yourself and find yourself again. Through new perspectives of life, culture and values, we renew ourselves and we begin to discover who we really are and how we can contribute to making the world a better place.

I believe that life is too short to be lived in just one place, so I guess I travel for the sake of growing and evolving and for the great unwritten adventures that is yet to come. Hopefully I can inspire people to step out of their comfort and have the courage to pursue their dreams and to explore what this big world is made of. Here is to capturing the little moments and make them everlasting. May your life be lived to the fullest and may you enjoy every moment as they are.

x   Anh Thi Lam


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