Lights, lights and more lights

Oops oops, another late update. Sorry! I honestly thought that maintaining a blog would be easy. Turns out it really isn’t haha!

There is something about light installations and interactive art that continues to amaze me. I went to Sydney a little over a week ago to see the Vivid Sydney Festival and it was even better than expected. Can I just say that pictures almost does not justify the pretty views and stunning lights in real life. It was amazing.


They projected an animated movie on this building, and it was also possible to view an augmented reality version through Huawei smartphones. The extra effects were siiiiick.



Also cool lights along the food stalls. Had the best Pho there yum yum


The Cathedral of Lights was one of the most beautiful installations. You could already see everyone pull up their phones and cameras as soon as they stepped into the queue, which was like severel of hundred meters long. The lightwalk itself was only 70 meters long and it was definitely worth going back in line for. Yeah we totally did that a few times. The lights created pure magic.


I love the type of act that encourages the audience to engage and interact with it and of course there were a lot of those to find including this light installation that senses your movements and transferres them in different colours and lightning.


Looking into infinity.



Lots of changing patterns projected on the Opera House


Its selfie time!! Kids nowadays lol


This one was my favorite. They call it the Jellyfish. Everyone was jumping up and down to get the jellyfish from the bottom up to the surface. Cool art!

If you’re ever in Sydney or close by around June, make sure to check out the festival its so worth it.


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